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Businesses say Florida-Georgia weekend brings them the most revenue throughout the year

Some bars are opening early to make sure the fans have a place to start before kickoff for the Florida-Georgia Game.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Some Jacksonville bars and breweries have been waiting for Florida Georgia weekend all year.

Last year, due to the pandemic, things were toned down a bit for restaurant and bars, but this year is a different story.

“We can definitely get a lot of people in here and make sure they are all happy.," said Travis Newsom, assistant brewer at Ruby Beach Brewing Company. "We’re going to be fully staffed. We’re going to make sure no one has to wait to long to get a drink so they can enjoy their time." 

Newsom says last year was not the usual Florida Georgia weekend because RV city was closed and the crowds were limited due to COVID-19.

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“We’ve stocked up on all of our beer, we’re ready for the massive crowds, we’re hoping we get back to what it was like a couple years ago," he says. "We know it’s the 'Worlds Largest Cocktail Party'" said Newsome. 

Sean Gibson, Taproom manager for Tabula Rasa Brewing says Florida Georgia Weekend brings a lot of revenue to local restaurants, bars and breweries.

“Last year, sales wise, we beat the year prior to that," he says "It was busy during the day as well as after the game so that was good." 

If you're looking for something to do before the game, check out your local bars and breweries.

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