JACKSONVILLE, Fla.---Where some people see trash, others see treasure. That saying certainly applies to William Bew White, CEO of SC Home furniture in Jacksonville. As the city is now one step closer to the start of a multi-million dollar project, White says people need to see the investment as an opportunity.

“We’ve been really good at restoring buildings in areas that have not yet come back," Bew White said.

That type of thinking landed him and his SC Home furniture store in Jacksonville off W Adams street.
The store is currently in an area that doesn’t have much development around it, but White sees past present conditions.

“To plant a flag in Jacksonville, where there isn’t a lot of stores like this, to me an incredible opportunity.”

White says he could be expanding one day so he supports the idea of a multi-million dollar project in a place that others might think of as just an open field.

Tuesday’s city council decision moves plans forward that include adding nearly 1000 residential units, 200,000 square feet of office space and another 100,000 square feet of retail space.

The LLC, Elements of Jacksonville still has to close on the purchase of the land across from Duval County district offices by July 18 for the project to continue forward. It's land currently owned by JEA.

These are just the next steps before ideas like adding three riverfront parks, a boardwalk and kayak launch can turn into an opportunity like White’s furniture store.