If you love sweets and you're looking for some dessert, Ya Ya's Sweet Bakery in San Marco is back open. It was one of the several businesses whose sales were impacted by Hurricane Irma.

"Yaya" is Greek for grandmother, and it's the name the woman who owns the shop goes by, saying she deserves that name.

"I have seven grandchildren!" she laughed.

Yaya opened her bakery back in May 2016. She said everything in the shop is made from scratch. Cakes are their specialty, but they also make Greek favorites.

"I bake for you," she said.

Yaya said that each month can be a fight to stay open, especially following Hurricane Irma.

"Oh, September was a horrible month," Yaya said. She said their sales dropped 50 percent because of Irma.

However, her faith in God and the support of her husband, Tim, keep her going.

"I pray, I do a lot of praying," she said. "I have faith, keep going. Tim says 'Don't quit. God's going to bless you.'"

Yaya said it does depend on customers choosing her services over a big chain store, though. She said people don't realize how much they can help a small business by walking through their door.

Yaya said if she can sell three to four wedding cakes a month, it helps cover her entire rent. If she sells 10 small cakes in one month, that's her entire electricity bill.

But it's her sign that she hopes to be able to hang up soon, but say it's expensive.

"About $1,000 to hang it," she said. "Maybe there's a contractor in Jacksonville who will help Yaya."

Ya Ya's Sweets Bakery is located on 5041 San Jose Blvd.