Numb, anxious and angry. That is how Joleen Cumming’s mother feels as the search continues for her 34 year-old daughter, who is a mother of three.

It’s now been four days since anyone has seen or heard from Joleen. While the family is trying to keep her three young children away from the search and rumors about where she could be, Joleen’s mothers and daughter want to share their plea to the public.

“I miss and love my mom ... I want her to come back home," Joleen's daughter said.

The ongoing search for Joleen is something her mother says no one should have to go through.

“I go from periods of I’m calm to numb to I can’t remember the day, I can’t remember the time, I’ve become angry," she said.

Recently, Joleen’s mother says her daughter has either been at home, at her house or making the 40-minute drive to work at Tangles Hair Salon in Yulee.

Aside from those three locations, she told First Coast News she has no clue where she could be, but says regardless, she should hear from her.

“If she was anywhere and if she was able to call me, she would text me and tell me," she said. "There is no way that she would ever not see her kids. If she was local or doing something, her main focus has always been on her kids. Even if she was late, I would get a text, I basically always knew where she would be if she could not get the kids.”

The disappearance of Joleen just doesn’t make sense to her mother, especially since she seemed in good spirits when she dropped the boys off at the babysitter.

“She’s always late, come on boys, come on I’m late, I love you, but that day Friday was totally different, she said she was very calm," she said.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office arrested her ex-boyfriend Jason Gee for violating probation, we’re told related to drugs. Joleen’s mother doesn’t believe her daughter would be tied to drugs. Joleen’s mother told First Coast News she had little interaction with Jason Gee.

“She never talked about it, she always called him a friend, when I’d say boyfriend she’d always call him a friend," she said.

As for the mother’s response to recent threats shared with First Coast News by Joleen to another woman: "I have no words for that, I was shocked to see it on TV."

Bottom line the Cummings say: Share all tips with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

She wants to remind the public her daughter is approximately 5’4”, 130 pounds, she has short brown hair in a bob-style. She has tattoos: a puzzle of a cross with her children’s names in it, a zebra, bible verse on her leg and one on her foot.

“I want everyone to know that this is a nightmare, nothing absolutely prepares you when your child, even if it’s an adult, goes missing," She said. "My plea to everyone out there is to bring my daughter home safe. Don’t listen to the negative or the rumors or assumptions, just listen to the plea from her family and from her children.”