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Brentwood neighbors say they never saw 5-year-old Taylor Williams

Police is asking the community to contact police them at 904-630-0500 if they have seen Brianna Williams and Taylor Williams together within the past six months.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — In the Brentwood neighborhood, investigators removed more evidence from the home where Taylor Williams and Brianna Williams live.

The neighbors are now questioning the truthfulness of Brianna Williams' account about 5-year-old Taylor Williams leaving the house. 

Brianna Williams moved into the working-class community last Sunday and reported that her five-year-old, Taylor Williams, went missing on Wednesday morning.

Moses Young lives across the street from the house located at 661 Ivy Street.

Young a father of two said he saw Williams when she moved in, but he has yet to see her five-year-old daughter.

"I have never seen the child, never," he said. "Not since she moved in, " 

The truck driver said he told police the same thing and now he questions the accuracy of Brianna Williams' report to police.

"I hope they find her and she is safe," he said.

In the Brentwood community, the homes are close and neighbors can often see what other neighbors are doing.

Sherry Watson manages one of the rentals in the neighborhood.

"The lady lives next door and has never seen the little girl," Watson said.

Watson remains optimistic but has no confidence in what Brianna Williams told the police.

"They have never seen her in the car, never seen her walking, playing nothing,"  said.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said the mother of the 5-year-old has stopped cooperating with them in their investigation.

He is now asking the community to contact police at 904-630-0500 if anyone has seen Brianna Williams and Taylor Williams together in the past six months.

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