JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - A community in Jacksonville Beach are angry Monday after they discovered an obscene message painted on a controversial fence that children walk by everyday.

Spray painted on 68-year-old Sonja Fitch's fence on 9th Street is the "p word," a slang word used to describe female genitals. Turns out, Fitch was the one who spray painted it on.

Back in August, First Coast News first introduced you to Fitch. She said she displays her political artwork - often anti-Trump - on her fence, but the city said it violates their city code. As a result, she said her freedom of speech was being denied by the city.

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Some residents think she has taken her artwork a little too far. Her latest work includes the word spray painted on her fence six times.

"The very nasty 'p word' that I'm trying to teach my 8-year-old granddaughter not to say," said neighbor June. "It's just very offensive."

Fitch filed a police report after someone blotted out the word by spray painted over it on Sunday. However, the word is now spray painted in large letters for the entire neighborhood to see.

"It was really small and they blotted it out," June said. "Somebody painted over or something and now it's huge."

First Coast News stopped by her home to ask why she spray painted the word on her fence, but no one answered.

Meanwhile, the neighbors are trying to deal with her artwork, but want the fence to be repainted.

"We're dealing with it the best we can," June said. "We just kind of avoid that road."

An elementary school is just around the corner from Fitch's home. Neighbors said there are plenty of kids who are exposed to the obscenities.

"Profanity needs to be out of the picture with all the kids in the neighborhood," June said.