NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- The city of Neptune Beach could soon be seeing new apartments start to take shape. That's if a developer can convince the city to allow them to build there. However, several neighbors are speaking out against the development.

“We’ve got one sign here, I’ve got another one over at a Neptune Beach property too.”

Developers want to turn the old KMART off Atlantic Boulevard into an apartment complex.

“Nothing against the development, but it’s a bad location,” James Lee said.

Lee put this sign in his yard. He hopes to sway Neptune Beach city hall against approving the idea for housing that’s usually only allowed for business.

“There’s so much stuff jammed into this corner, Atlantic Boulevard and first and third. They never have enough parking, they keep adding parking, adding parking, adding parking.”

Lee’s concerned it will only create more parking headaches, not to mention the uptick in traffic.

“Spread it out along Atlantic Boulevard down by penman road where there’s not so much going on.”

He’s not alone either, rows and rows of signs can be seen up and down 2nd and 3rd street along Neptune beach.

“To me, the information is there, it’s obvious, there’s not enough room for development in that place.”

Neptune Beach is continuing to discuss the idea, but haven’t set a date to vote. Until they do, Lee expects these signs to stand firm in their place.

First Coast News reached out to City Council members for comment and the developer and did not hear back by our airtime.