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Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue had 56 calls for service last Saturday, hitting new record number for the month

The Captain of Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue says there wasn’t any fatal drownings last Saturday, and the lifeguards were quick to respond to the scenes.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — We are days away from the 4th of July weekend, and lifeguards are already preparing for the beach crowds.

“We’re going to have I believe 14 towers," said Captain Rob Emahiser with Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue. "That’s a good number, and it's close enough where they can all see overlapping into each other's water and that’ll be enough along with our officers here to respond."

He says the frequent issue lifeguards deal with at the beach are lost children.

“Don’t look at your phone, don’t read your book," said Emahiser. "Wherever the children go if they go into the water you go. Stay within arm's reach, and it’s a lot less likely for them to get lost."

Emahiser says while the pier is reopening to the public, people should not swim underneath it.

“Well under the pier there is always going to be fishhooks, there’s always a rip current there and there’s a lot of debris leftover in the sand you might not see from the construction and just in general you are not allowed to swim near the pier," said Emahiser.

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He also says to stay hydrated and cool while at the beach.

“If you’re not outside all day routinely you got to stay hydrated and use moderation don’t be out all day bring some shade, but just know even if you have shade the sand is really hot," said Emahiser.

Emahiser says the last reminder is to have fun.

“Pay attention to the lifeguards," said Emahiser. "Get near a lifeguard where you can see and hear  when they are listening. Stay close to your kids and if you have older folks with you, just remember they are not as able to handle the heat as everyone else, so just use caution."

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