ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- Petitions are part of the landscape along with signs reading "Save Our City" in this coastal community that has questions about a 14-pump, around-the-clock convenience store plan, just blocks from the ocean.

"This is ground zero. The proposed project is right there," said Glenn Shuck who lives right across the street from where Gate proposes to build on property it purchased on Atlantic Boulevard, which is zoned commercial.

An organization called Atlantic Beach Cares hosted a town hall meeting this past weekend after jumping into the fray last summer to oppose the project.

The city says the permit process is moving right along with questions now focusing on parking and drainage. City Manger Nelson Van Liere says its not appropriate for staff to comment while the process is ongoing. He could not give a timeline when Atlantic Beach would be making a decision.

Monday night, a group of concerned residents plan to attend the city commission meeting to request the Community Development Board be called in to review the application.

"Another set of eyes and ears -- to evaluate projects and look at where the negative impacts are to the neighborhood and community," said Shuck.

Betsy Cosgrove who has been involved since last summer in Atlantic Beach Cares believes it boils down to doing what's right.

"It's not just quality of life it is the whole esthetic character of a cozy, seaside community that is what it is about," said Cosgrove.