Nothing beats ringing in the new year with a new life.

The first baby to be born in Jacksonville in 2020 was Sydney Baker, born at Baptist Medical Center South at 12:13 am.

Kadie Baker and Jason Baker are parents to a healthy baby girl.

Sydney Baker weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

“We were trying to get into 2020,” Kadie Baker said. “I thought it would be a cool birthday, 1-1-2020.”

The Bakers’ due date was Dec. 28, but a birth this special was worth the wait.

“I actually bought her a lot of cute Christmas stuff because I thought she was going to be a Christmas baby,” Kadie Baker said. “But she wanted to be a New Year’s baby.”

The Bakers take the title of the first baby born in Jacksonville, but an often forgotten title is the last baby of 2019.

Just down the hall, baby Austin Parker took that title at 11:48 pm New Year’s Eve.

“They were like ‘no you got to wait,’” said Kandace Swift, Austin’s mom. “And I was like, ‘I can’t!’”

It’s not such a bad thing that Swift didn’t deliver in 2020. Gift baskets for the first baby of 2020 are great, but 2019 babies get a child tax credit.

“I was like, ‘does it make me a terrible person that I want to claim him if he’s born before 12,’” Kandace Swift said. “Because I’m looking forward to that.’”

These babies may have been born in different years, but the parents say they will have one thing in common—exciting birthdays.

“We’re going to be hosting some pretty epic New Year’s Eve parties I think from now on,” Kadie Baker said.