Atlantic Coast High School received a false tip about a threat against the school Thursday night, prompting a brief scare among students, parents and staff, Duval County Public Schools said.

The school’s principal sent out the following message to parents:

Last night, we received a false tip about a threat against the school. In this case, the student texted the information to another student, rather than sharing the information with an adult, creating concern among students and parents. We identified and interviewed the student who originated the text, and the student admitted that the threat was false. All students and staff are safe, and we will conduct a normal education day, but we are asking for your help. Students tend to have an impulsive approach to social media, and may not understand that texts, posts or images shared create a permanent, and sometimes negative, digital footprint. Texts such as these are obviously highly disruptive to our education community.

The letter went further into the issue and asked for help from students and parents on preventing these issues in the future:

That said, if a student really does hear or see a threat, we implore them to share that information with a trusted adult immediately. I am encouraging you to discuss how to use social media responsibly with your child, and to monitor their social media activity daily. In addition, please remind them of the roles they share in contributing to the safety of our campus, and how sharing false threats against our school community will result in serious consequences. We thank you for your help with this matter. If you have questions or concerns, please call me at 904-538-5120. Let’s continue to work together to create a safe and productive school community.