JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - At least one person is suffering from minor burns following a fire d in Northwest Jacksonville, according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD).

The incident happened at Larry's 1st Stop Auto Parts on New Kings Road. JFRD told First Coast News that about 30 cars caught on fire after a fuel tank exploded.

The man was burned on both of his arms after the fuel tanker he was working on exploded, his girlfriend told First Coast News. She said he noticed sparks while he was working on it, then moments later, it burst into flames. The flames spread to dozens of other cars in the lot, she said.

"It was just an accident... no one really knows what happened," she said. "It was a freak accident."

JFRD also announced that the situation is now under control. We are still waiting to learn what caused the fire.