"For Rent" signs are popping up in San Marco and it's worrying one small business that recently reopened following Hurricane Irma.

Rusted: A Vintage Market is an antique shop located at 1523 San Marco Blvd. It sells a range of items from vintage furniture to clothing, accessories and an assortment of knick-knacks.

It closed temporarily after experiencing damage from the flooding caused by Irma back in September; several pieces of furniture were damaged and destroyed.

Since then, the owners said sales have been "down, way down."

Overall, the owners said they lost roughly $20,000 from Irma. In order to meet their quota and recover, they said they need 20 customers a day to hopefully spend about $50 each.

Our news partners, the Florida Times-Union, reported that several businesses in San Marco are closing down or moving out because they were flooded so badly during the hurricane. The businesses that are now closed are Davis & Company Hair Salon and the Kitchen on San Marco.

"People need to veer away from shopping centers and come here instead," owner Patti said.