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Sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo empowers survivors to speak out

'It may inspire even more people to come forward and others to help prevent this from happening in the future,' said Robyn Wiktorski-Reynolds of Crisis Services.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Crisis Services provides resources for victims of sexual harassment. Since the revelation unfolded involving Gov. Andrew Cuomo, more people are speaking out.

Robyn Wiktorski-Reynolds of Crisis Services said "it may inspire even more people to come forward and others to help prevent this from happening in the future."

New York State increased monitoring and policies around sexual harassment in the workplace. This latest case shows the system is working, according to Witorski-Reynolds.

"We were very pleased to see these women come forward. We were pleased to see them believed and that action steps are being taken as this investigation goes," she said.

"While it is shocking and disturbing to hear the level that it was happening, I can't say we were incredibly surprised really when you look at history across the country and the most recent years. There have been many people in positions of power who have done similar things."

me. too International issued a statement after Cuomo announced he's resigning. 

"We are relieved that Gov. Cuomo has finally announced his resignation and prevented his survivors from experiencing the violent media frenzy an impeachment trial would have caused. However, this should have happened a long time ago," the statement read. 

"It is worth pointing out that the rules have not changed — sexual harassment was wrong 50 years ago and it is wrong today. Gov. Cuomo clinging to that excuse, and to that of “cultural differences” excusing unwanted touching, is inherently wrong. The difference between now and the past is that there were fewer paths to accountability then, and we now live in a time where there are more people willing to listen to and believe survivors. 

"Gov. Cuomo might remember an era where he could have remained in office. However, #metoo reawakened all of us to the reality that leadership and power does not mean impunity, and that there is recourse for harm and abuse. 

"Still, we know this is about one abuser who was held accountable, when too often they face no ramifications for the harm they’ve caused.  Cuomo’s resignation shows that survivors are the powerful ones who will usher us into a world free of sexual violence. Prepare to start hearing from all survivors across the spectrum. me too. International will continue to follow the leadership of survivors as they define justice and healing for themselves."

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