JACKSONVILLE, Fla.---Florida is number one in the country when it comes to the number of deadly motorcycle crashes.

One Fleming Island family spoke with us after losing their loved one in a motorcycle accident on the Buckman Bridge Tuesday night.

"There's so many good things you could say about her," said Britani Robinson.

We sat down with Stephanie Robinson's family in their home. Her big sister, Britani, is remaining strong for her father and mother.

"She would work a 10 hour day. She would come home and get on the motorcycle... and just go," said Britani.

Britani said her sister loved riding her motorcycle. In fact, she was a member of an all female bike group called "One Love."

"This was not a game for her. This was not a toy. She understood the power she had at her fingertips," explained Britani.

Tuesday night, Stephanie was riding with a group of motorcyclists over the Buckman Bridge. Florida Highway Patrol said she somehow lost control of her bike.

She was actually on her way to a memorial for another motorcyclist who was recently killed in an accident.

"You cannot tell me that she lost control of that bike. I don't believe for one millisecond she lost control of that bike," said Britani.

Her family believes, along with some witnesses, that she was clipped by a car. They're pleading with everyone on the road to be careful.

"When you buckle up and you go down the road, take a minute, and think that you may be taking somebody's baby away from them," said Stephanie's father.

The motorcycle community is also in mourning for Stephanie, creating tributes for her on social media. A comfort for this family still coming to terms with her death.

"You've got to look. You've got to listen," added Britani.