The 84-year-old man who was kidnapped prior to a high-speed chase in the Mayport area last week has died, church officials confirmed with First Coast News on Tuesday.

First Baptist Church of Orange Park, which oversees Oak Harbor Baptist Church that Louis Reese attended, said he died of his injuries. He was a deacon at the church.

Reese was reportedly kidnapped after the suspect, Lawrence J. Hall III allegedly robbed a Mayport-area internet cafe. Reese was critically injured after Hall crashed into a concrete pole on Atlantic Boulevard, police say.

Reese's granddaughter told First Coast News that he wasn't stable enough to go into surgery and that his health was declining after he was admitted to the hospital.

He has since died.

Among the injured included two JSO officers: 35-year-old Josh Wiggins and 29-year-old Christopher Rouselle.

GoFundMe accounts have been set up for both Wiggins and Rouselle.

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