A 20-month-old little boy has drowned after being discovered in a manmade pond near his home in Pomona Park around 5:47 p.m. Thursday.

According to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, the little boy was discovered in the water and his grandfather began life-saving measures while 911 was called. Within seven minutes, first responders were on scene and transported the child to the Putnam Community Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

UPDATE Friday 12 p.m. - Putnam County Sheriff's Office says the child's grandmother told police her and her husband both thought the other was in charge of watching their grandson.

The Department of Children and Families, as well as law enforcement officials, are investigating the case and working to try and determine a timeline of events. The child lives with his family, including some extended members of the family, and three other children, according to authorities.

Authorities are working with the child's family who is, "extremely distraught at this time."