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From Maine to the Florida Keys on a unicycle

Avery Seuter is biking a journey that's more than 2,000 miles with just 1 wheel.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Our story begins with a man pedaling on A1A, but not on the type of bike that's typically on roadways. 19 year old Avery Seuter is traveling the length of the East Coast Greenway on a unicycle.

"I started from my home in Wells, Maine and traveled 1,800 miles to get here in Jacksonville and my goal is Key West, Florida," said Seuter.

The East Coast Greenway is the longest biking and walking route in the country and connects 3,000 miles of trails over 15 states. Seuter was born in Jacksonville and now lives in Maine, so this trip is personal for him.

"Connecting both states is kind of poetic," said Seuter, "so I've been helping them [East Coast Greenway] raise a bit of money on my Instagram."

A link to Seuter's Instagram is here.

So far he's raised more than $3,000. Seuter started his journey on September 8th and travels between 20-30 miles per day.

"For the most part it's just me," said Seuter, "I carry everything, my food, my camping gear, my clothes on my bags."

He also has the signatures on his helmet of people who helped him on his journey. But despite hours of repetitive pedaling, his mind has to be laser focused.

"There's no coasting on a unicycle," said Seuter, "the pedals are fixed to the wheels so whatever my pedals do the wheel does. Its a fixed gear so a lot of my time I have to really focus on staying up, it takes a bit of balance. It's kind of hard to think about anything really when I'm on it."

From scenic sunsets to national landmarks and different bridges throughout the East Coast he travels an incredible distance all while riding a unicycle no less!

"For me it kind of feels normal," said Seuter, "I've been doing it so long it's a lot like riding a bike."

Well, at least one of the wheels.

More information about the East Coast Greenway can be found here: https://www.greenway.org/.


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