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12 year-old injured in crash creates YouTube channel to inspire others

Siehra Waldschmidt's spine was severed in the Nov. 2021 crash that killed two people.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After more than two months in the hospital, and in rehab, an upbeat Siehra Waldschmidt is getting ready to head home after a November crash in Jacksonville left her unable to walk.

Her mom Nicole says she had six surgeries on her colon, kidneys and liver in the first nine days in the hospital.

"Her spinal cord was completely severed," Sarah's mother Nicole told First Coast News. "Therefore she has no feeling from the bellybutton down. She has no movement as of right now."

Siehra started a YouTube channel to document her recovery progress. 

Her mother says getting to this point has not been easy.

"I just kept praying that my daughter didn't leave this world. So, we got very fortunate that she didn't and that she has come as far as she has," Nicole Waldschmidt said.

Making the modifications to their home to prepare for Waldschimdt's Tuesday return also has not been easy.

Credit: Courtesy: Waldschmidt family
Siehra Waldschmidt, 12, was severely injured in a November crash that killed two people. She spent almost two months in the hospital. She is expected to return home Tuesday.

They created a GoFundMe page to help with building ramps and a new bedroom.

"We moved her into the formal dining area which was a little bit larger and more equipped with her being in a wheelchair," she said.

The holidays were different last year. The family delayed Christmas until Waldschmidt gets home.

"We still have our Christmas tree up and the lights outside," Nicole said. "We are waiting for her to come home tomorrow and then this weekend we are going to celebrate."

Sierha is determined not to let her disability keep her from being able to inspire others. It's a life lesson for us all.


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