JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Lip Sync Battles have become very popular recently. Jimmy Fallon has a recurring segment on The Tonight Show and there's an entire show dedicated to it hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen.

Now in Jacksonville, you have the chance to watch some local celebrities face off for their own lip sync battle while helping helping those battling lung disease.

The American Lung Association is hosting its inaugural Lip Sync for Lungs Friday night. There are four celebrity teams competing. They have costumes, set changes, the whole works.

One of the contestants is Matthew Malone, a trainer at Orange Theory Fitness. He started suffering from asthma at 5 years old and his grandfather had emphysema.

"Growing up with asthma was really tough. I actually played sports, I played baseball. I just remember running the bases and it was very very difficult to run the bases. I was completely out of breath. So, obviously, my parents took me to the doctor, and he said, 'hey, this kid's got asthma, he's going to need some extra help," Malone said.

Matt is competing with a coworker of his, Bryant. Other participants are Jaguars' AJ Cann and financial planner Kendal Fordham, Jessica Morgan from the Jacksonville Moms Blog, and realtor Gonzalo Mejia.

Everyone on the First Coast has lungs. You use them to breathe every day. Tou may not have an issue with them now, but you could in the future.

Karen Hughes is the Executive Director for The American Lung Association in Northeast Florida. She says she got the idea from the American Lung Association in Charleston, Sc. and she's excited to make it a little different than a normal fundraising gala.

"Lung disease isn't something that's always top of mind that people necessarily talk about. but we know that asthma affects children, causes them to miss school, in our community. We know lung cancer is on the rise, especially in women. So, it's just really important for us to have this opportunity to create a really fun event for our community, but also have the opportunity to educate people, to talk about it so they understand risk," Hughes said.

If you're interested in going, it's Friday night and you can buy tickets by clicking this link.