Keedron Bryant is only 12 years old but some people say that he sounds like he's been singing for much longer.

When I was six, that’s when I knew that I really wanted to sing gospel music,” Keedron said.  

Gospel music is his style of choice for a reason.

“If you just heard the message of a song, you can really understand what you’re listening about and know God’s grace kept you,” Keedron said.

In October, Keedron turned into a viral sensation after a video of him singing was posted to Facebook.

“I sang this song ‘Brand New Life’ and then like two weeks later, we had over one million views,” Keedron said. “I need to do this more because this is getting me places that I never thought I would be."

Over the weekend, he traveled to Atlanta where he won Youth Male Vocalist of the Year in the Gospel Choice Music Awards. The award helped him capture the attention of gospel legend, John P. Kee, and other artists and influencers.

Keedron aspires to become a famous gospel singer and is no stranger to the spotlight.

“That’s what my dream [has] been since I was six,” Keedron said.

His parents, Kendric and Johnnetta Bryant both say they’re grateful their son continues to use his gift each day.

“He wakes up in the morning signing, he goes throughout the day singing, we’ve got to make him stop singing at night, so he can go to sleep,” Kendric said. “He has put in the work, and he’s truly passionate about it,” Johnetta said.

With dreams to someday make it to the top, Keedron says he’ll never hold back. The award-winning vocalist plans to continue spreading positive messages through every note he sings.