LAKE CITY, Fla. -- Catherine and Mozart, two miniature therapy horses, were allegedly mauled and killed by a neighbor's pitbull.

Gentle Carousel ​Miniature ​Therapy Horses is a nonprofit charity that brings mini horses in to visit hospitals, Hospice patients, assisted living facilities and places where a traumatic even has occurred. In the recent years the horses have been to Sandy Hook Elementary, the church tragedy in Charleston, North Carolina, visited the tornado survivors in Oklahoma and the victims, first responders of the Pule Night Club shooting in Orlando, and the fire damaged communities of Tennessee.

On March 4, according to a Columbia County Sheriff's Office report, the owner of the two horses found Mozart dead in the front pasture of her property and found Catherine with severe injuries; lacerations to its neck and legs consistent with a dog bite.

Catherine survived for an additional ten days at a vet before succumbing to her injuries.

A deputy made contact with the owner of the dog that allegedly attacked the horses and the owner said her dogs did escape from their fenced in yard and she couldn't find them for "an extended period of time." The owner said that when her dogs returned they did not appears to have any blood on them or show any signs that they had attacked another animal.

However, the owner also stated that her female pitbull has showed aggression before and "it would not come as a surprise to her if her dog did attack the horse."

Animal Control was able to determine that one of the owners pitbulls was the attacker. The dogs were signed over by the owners and were euthanized.

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