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Judge declares mistrial in NAU shooter Steven Jones' murder trial

The judge in the Steven Jones NAU shooting trial has ruled for a mistrial. The jury could not come to a consensus.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - The judge in the Steven Jones NAU shooting trial has ruled for a mistrial. The jury could not come to a consensus.

The jury in the trial of Steven Jones, the NAU shooter, told Judge Dan Slayton that it could not reach a consensus of guilty or not guilty in the case.

The retrial is set begin Aug. 1, according to Judge Slayton, but he acknowledged that is likely to change. Attorney James Goodnow said a plea deal could be in play for this case, and the prosecution may consider seeking a conviction on lesser charges than first-degree murder.

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Jury members each went into Judge Slayton's chambers Tuesday for one-on-one conferences in an attempt to see if there could be any movement toward a consensus.

The members of the jury had asked Judge Slayton questions multiple times over the last week, including what they should do if they could not reach a consensus.

Last Thursday, the defense motioned for a mistrial and was denied by Slayton, but he did issue a clarification to the jury about statements made by the prosecution in its closing arguments.

Jones has admitted to shooting four NAU students who he said attacked him in October 2015, killing Colin Brough.

Last week, Jones took the stand in his own defense, arguing he feared for his life when he fired his gun.

After the mistrial was announced, Colin Brough's father Doug released the following statement to 12 News:

Guns should not be allowed on campus. Justice will be served.

Kimberly Prato, the mother of surviving shooting victim Nicholas Prato, also gave a statement to 12 News, which read in part:

"We are saddened by the current jury’s inability to come to a consensus in this trial but are given strength with the fact we have the truth on our side and that justice will prevail."

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