A South Carolina woman confirmed she acted alone while pleading guilty to kidnapping a newborn from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998.

Gloria Williams, through her defense attorney Monday, said no one assisted her when she abducted infant Kamiyah Mobley.

Williams' attorney Diana Johnson also said the child's biological families, the Aikens and the Mobleys, were not involved.

The statement seems to put to bed lingering questions about why Williams chose to commit the crime in a Jacksonville hospital, hundreds of miles from where she lived.

JSO files show police flushed out multiple leads in the previously cold case between 2016 and 2017 trying to determine if Williams had any connection to the baby's family.

An envelope found in Williams' home after her arrest in January 2017 was collected by a Crime Scene Unit because it appeared to come from someone with the last name Mobley. A photo of the envelope was placed into evidence and released by the State Attorney's office last week.

An envelope photographed as evidence at Gloria Williams home after her arrest. After researching, police determined the Mobley named in the Delaware return address had no ties to Jacksonville.

On January 20, 2017, seven days after Williams' arrest became public, police received an emailed tip with a Facebook post photo showing Williams posing with other people with the last name 'Mobley.'

JSO received an email about a Facebook post showing Gloria Williams pictured with people with the last name Mobley. After researching, police determined the Mobleys in the photo were not directly related to Kamiyah Mobley's family.

Detectives contacted the person who made the Facebook post and solicited help from the Delaware Information & Analysis Center to do a background search on the Mobleys associated with the return address and the photo.

According to a supplemental police report, with the information obtained at the time detectives said it did not appear these Mobleys were directly related to Kamiyah's birth mother, Shanara.

JSO supplemental report entry from January 19, 2017.

However, JSO continued to search for Williams' link to the First Coast.

In a 2017 audio recorded interview with Williams' parents, Wilbert and Gloria Brown, investigators asked if Williams knew anyone in Jacksonville. Williams' parents said they had cousins in Jacksonville, Willie and Gwen Stephens.

When police interviewed the Stephens, the husband and wife who still lived near Lem Turner Road both told detectives they only saw Williams once a year at family reunions and did not associate with her. According to the police report, Willie Stephens was Williams' first cousin.

Not included in the police report is Gwen Stephens former last name. First Coast News uncovered through a public records and an obituary search that Gwen was previously a Mobley by marriage. However, it is unclear if those Mobleys who live in Jacksonville have any connection to Kamiyah Mobley's biological family. The police report gives no indication Gwen was asked about her family history.

First Coast News tried contacting Gwen and Willie for a comment last week. In a phone call with First Coast News, Willie Stephens declined to say anything related to Gloria Williams and said he didn't remember anything.

JSO would continue to monitor Williams' jail calls and visitation logs in the month following her arrest.

According to the last police report released, detectives concluded on February 21, 2017 that "after spending several hours of research, no direct link between Gloria Williams and Shanara Mobley or Craig Aiken [Kamiya's birth father] could be determined."

The cold case unit marked the missing person's report as "cleared by arrest" and "[child] over 18."

Williams sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 3-4, 2018 where a judge will decide her punishment.