A Jacksonville campaign worker says his car was vandalized, including his windows being smashed.

He was campaigning for Jimmy Hill, who is running for Jacksonville mayor.

The worker was standing on a walkway over Interstate 95 near Emerson Street. 

His car was parked on the Connors Street entrance and the worker says he did not see who smashed his car window.

Jimmy Hill voiced his frustration over the act on Facebook Thursday.

"Sadly it's probably political and a sad state of affairs for Jacksonville," Hill said.

While the car was damaged, nothing was stolen.

"The car was parked in a neutral place and you had to work to find the car."

A report was filed with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Hill says he wants to spread his message safely and plans on pairing up volunteers for canvassing neighborhoods.

Hill does not know who did this but says if this is a scare tactic, it won't work.

"We're not afraid of it in any way shape or form," he said. "Unfortunately, someone working with us got their car damaged and that's a sad thing. But we have to do what we can to make Jacksonville a better place for everybody."