A Jaguars "ROAR" cheerleader got married Saturday but the story from the wedding is not about the bride and groom.

It’s about Nathan Dowd, the caterer who is donating all proceeds from the wedding to feed the hungry.

Dowd is a full-time school teacher and owner of The Father's Heart organization, a nonprofit organization he established in 2009 that is dedicated to feeding the hungry children and families of Jacksonville.

Dowd uses the proceeds of his various cookouts to achieve this.

This Clay County school teacher doesn’t make a dollar for his efforts. Instead, he makes a lot of hungry families fuller and happier.

Dowd is able to give out over 10,000 meals a year, having distributed over 100,000 meals since he started.

“This wedding is going to provide almost 2,000 meals in the community,” Dowd said. “We have a few administrative costs, but ultimately majority of the funds go back out.”

Dowd said he sees a lot of kids come through his Wilkinson Junior High School classroom who need supplies, clothes and even food. “They come in and they’re hungry,” Dowd said. “But they won't tell you that … And if they’re distracted, or they got more problems at home, then they’re not going to be able to concentrate or focus very well in the classroom, so we’re trying to alleviate one of those stressors on them.”

Jaguars cheerleader Sarah Chapple married Rob Miller Saturday, but no wedding is possible until a thousand decisions are made.

One of those decisions was Morgan Munson as the wedding planner.

Munson, who owns and coordinates Diamonds and Pearls Events, alerted First Coast News of her collaboration with Dowd because she wants to start a change.

“Some weddings are spending over 10,000 dollars on food alone, and sometimes I see that food in the trash can by the end of the night,” Munson said.

“If I can offer the education to different brides and grooms, to not only have a wonderful and beautiful wedding but be socially conscious as well, then I think I’ve done a good job.”

You can find Nathan Dowd online at TheFathersHeart.US or on Facebook at The Fathers Heart Ministries. His phone number is (904) 716-0304.