The Mannequin Challenge is the next viral craze that's taking over the social media world - just like the Running Man Challenge before it. College football teams really ran with the Mannequin Challenge on Saturday, and the results were fantastic.

It's really not that hard to successfully complete this challenge. All you have to do is be as still as you can while someone walks around and films the scene.

The challenge was apparently created by students at Edward H. White High School. Jasmine Cavins told First Coast News her and some of her friends came up with the idea one day in class.

"Our friend Emili walked up to the front of the class and froze still and our other friend Alaynah said "hey you look like a mannequin". Then my other friends Jasmine and Breonna joined Emili in the front and started doing crazy poses, that's when my friend Deryk said 'hey we should make this a challenge'. That's when we recorded the video with weird poses."

1. Tim Tebow and the SEC Network crew partnered with the fans and really committed, despite requests to get back to work.

2. Clemson shared their video after beating Syracuse 54-0. They all dance at the end. It's pretty epic.

3. TCU celebrated a 62-22 win over Baylor with this one that spread throughout the entire locker room.

4. Navy celebrated a close 28-27 win over Notre Dame with this on-field Mannequin Challenge.

5. Penn State hammered Iowa 41-14, then froze, and danced it out.

6. Utah didn't play on Saturday, but the Utes still shared their take on the challenge - and they dance at the end.

7. Texas A&M University-Commerce spent a weather delay filming this.

8. Kennesaw State beat Clark Atlanta 56-0 and shared this video.

9. Kent State didn't play on Saturday, but put out an impressive video that involves heavy lifting.

10. South Oregon University beat Montana State-Northern 56-14 and shared this one.

There are probably a million more out there. I did my best to round up as many as I could find on this fine Saturday full of college football. If you want to see more, check out the #MannequinChallenge hashtag on Twitter.