Hundreds of families are waiting to see if their loved ones are safe after Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on the Florida panhandle.

One family in the Jacksonville area is desperately searching for a 79-year-old grandfather who lives in Port Saint Joe.

No one has seen or heard from him since before the storm.

Streets turned into rivers, trees were ripped out of the ground, and entire neighborhoods were destroyed.

“We’re trying not to think the worst but then you see pictures of the damage and you worry,” Melissa Reinhardt said.

These images showing the aftermath of Hurricane Michael only added to the anxiety Melissa and Rod Reinhardt were facing.

Rod’s father, John, may be missing.

“Well, my fear is he’s injured— he’s trapped either inside or outside the house. He’s 79. His strength is not like it used to be,” Rod Reinhardt said. “He needs help. He needs help just to be able to mobilize himself.”

John Reinhardt lives in Port Saint Joe in Bay County -- an area feeling the effects Hurricane Michael.

“He would not have been prepared for what came through his town,” Rod Reinhardt told First Coast News.

Family members tried to get the 79-year-old to evacuate, but at last check, he did not leave his home.

No one has heard from him since the storm began.

“We’ve reached out to several groups of people, search groups,” Melissa Reinhardt explained.

“Being here — you kind of feel helpless. You feel helpless,” Rod Reinhardt said.

First responders in Bay County are getting hundreds of calls for safety checks, but they can’t do them because here are just too many request.

Right now, the priority for first responders is clearing out the roads, responding to emergencies, and making sure it’s safe for families to get back to their homes.

“You just hadn’t had that goodbye moment or ‘how you doing?’ You just haven’t had that last communication, and it would be sad— very sad if I didn’t get that chance,” Rod Reinhardt told First Coast News.

That is why the family is sharing John’s picture and his story — hoping someone, anyone recognizes him and gives them some answers.

“Just reach out to somebody and let us know how you’re doing. That’s all,” Rod Reinhardt said. “After that, I’ll come and get you. I’ll come and get you.”