JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- Walnut Bend is a quiet subdivision in Mandarin community where residents claim their peace has been shattered by a church.

Bonnie Gunston lives a tenth of a mile from Christian Family Chapel.

"Right before 8 o'clock in the morning and our windows were going like this and we have double pane windows," she said.

But her backyard is much closer.

"It is worst than a living hell," said Gunston.

The neighborhood watch captain has become the voice of her neighbors complaining about the noise from the church next door.

"We've met with them. That has not worked," she said. "It happens randomly."

She said the latest incident was Sunday November 25.

"If it was us making that kind of noise the police would have been called on us and we would be told you have to turn it down,' said Gunston.

She said they drove to the church and asked them to turn down the noise and left frustrated.

Christian Family Chapel has been in the community 35 years.

Pastor Tony Anderson told On Your Side via email:

CFC has been in this community for 35 years and this past Sunday was the first time we held an “all church” outdoor Sunday worship service. In an effort to be good neighbors, the police were on our campus at our invitation and called well before the service began, so that we could be confident that we were in compliance with the law.

It is always our aim to demonstrate respect for our neighbors by operating in accordance with the law.

"You are a neighbor," said Gunston. "You have to start following the rules and the regulations.

Since the incident, the off duty officer J.R. Corse sent Gunston an email explaining his position at the time.

"First let me say what a pleasure it was to meet you!

I sent a zone wide message asking for an official decibel meter but was unable to acquire one. In reference to our conversation today at the church, although in an off duty capacity, I am not exempt from enforcement action. I advised you I was not equipped with a decibel monitoring device and was unable to measure the noise level. The church staff informed me they measured it on their own and it was 65 db.

I am not personally aware of other incidents involving the church in the past, however the church admin advised me they only do outdoor events a few times a year. I have not been involved in past incidents."

District Councilman Matt Schellenberg said he just learned of the issue and is investigating it to see what happened and what can be done.

"Give me back my peace and that is the way all of our neighbors feel," said Gunston.