People in chest-deep water, away from their homes, their families, trying desperately to save homeless pets from Hurricane Irma; the images from Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg just days after the storm are heartbreaking.

Kennels with several feet of water, a dog on a leash being led through knee-deep water. They've lost everything. Food, supplies, furniture, kennels and everything else has been inundated or just floated away.

The images are straight out of a Sarah McLachlan commercial - and they need your help in the same way. The community has really come together for them, too.

On September 11, the shelter posted the sad images and asked for help and donations. Starting almost immediately, people started donating money and supplies. They sent positive messages, which can really go a long way when it feels like everything is lost.

If you would like to help, check out this link.