St. Augustine resident Shelli Schmid's property is so flooded, her two pigs are swimming in water.

"It is worse now than after Irma because it is landlocked," she said.

Two weeks ago, Schmid showed us her problem. A spokesperson for the St. Johns County Commission said then the flooding it is related to the excessive rainfall during September.

"It is not true," she said.

A longtime resident, she is convinced her problem is directly related to a nearby development.

"Why would somebody pass an engineering plan like this?" she asked. "We're 30 feet above sea level here. I should not be flooding."

Schmid said there are others in the Hilltop Road community with the same problem.

We checked with the county and was told the PUD project is in compliance with its permit.

"I have walked with everyone of those county inspectors through those woods in February, before the hurricane and there was not one drop of water," she said.

Walking around her property, she said in some areas the water is three feet deep, and, it is not receding.

The water appears to be at the same level it was two weeks ago.

"The county needs to restore that natural drain that was there," she said.

She is tired of looking at standing water on most of her 11 acres. She will continue to fight the county to save her property.

"I have lived here for 22 years knowing this was a large portion of my retirement," she said. "I am self employed, single. I do not expect for them to diminish the value of my property."

On Your Side reached out to the St. Johns Water management district as well as Paul Waldron, county commissioner for her district. Commissioner Waldron said he will have staff review the development.

Staffers at SJRWMD also said that the regulatory staff will review her concerns.