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Solar panel warranty issue resolved for First Coast veteran

Monique Bates contacted the 'Ask Anthony' team for help with an invalid warranty from a local solar panel company. The company filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

FLORIDA, USA — We have an update to an 'Ask Anthony' story we've been following closely.  

In November, we first told you the story of a disabled veteran, Monique Bates, who was having an issue with a local solar panel company called R Solar Group also known as USA Energy Savers. 

After extensive reporting, we discovered the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

All Bates wanted was a valid warranty after paying $50,000 for the solar panels. She had lost hope it was going to happen.

According to her paperwork, the company she bought the solar panels from acknowledged there was an issue with the warranty, and they were going to send her a copy of the new one. But, she says, she never received it.  

"I can't just come out of my pocket for some solar panels if something happens to them. So, that's why that warranty is important," Bates said. 

Just a few days ago, First Coast News Anchor Anthony Austin received a phone call from a representative with Solar Insure, a company that provides warranties for solar technology. 

The CEO of the company saw our story. 

"We are covering the cost of her 30-year warranty and monitoring. Unfortunately, she was offered something that the company was not authorized to sell. It had never been registered or covered. When she came to realize that, and with the help of your story, we were able to help her out with that," Tabitha Partin said. 

Tabitha Partin is Vice President of Operations for Solar Insure. She says the company wanted to make things right for Monique, especially since she served our country. 

"I was ecstatic that somebody actually saw my story and reached out to me and was willing to help me," Bates added. 

Solar Insure started working with R Solar Group/USA Energy Savers in 2020 and stopped working with them in 2021 due to business reasons. 

Solar Insure's 30-year monitoring and warranty will cover parts, labor, and roof penetrations for Bates' solar panels. 

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