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Ask Anthony: Solar panel company files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Court documents reveal USA Energy Savers, LLC filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on November 29th. Chris Redman, the owner, is listed as an authorized representative.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — We have an update on a solar panel company that many of you have emailed our "Ask Anthony" team about in the past few months.

We found court documents that reveal USA Energy Savers filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on November 29th. Chris Redman, the owner of USA Energy Savers, also known as R Solar Group, is listed as an authorized representative.  

This all started with our first story in November. We interviewed Monique Bates, a disabled veteran who purchased solar panels from the company a year ago. She contacted First Coast News because she found out her warranty was invalid. That's on top of other issues she was having with the business. 

Credit: US Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida
Meeting of creditors scheduled for Thursday, January 5th at 1pm.

After that story aired, we received several emails from viewers with similar issues. Joshua and Regina LeValley bought solar panels from R Solar Group in May 2021.  

At the time, the company was known as USA Energy Savers. The owner, Chris Redman, filed paperwork in August of that year to change the name to R Solar Group with addresses in Jacksonville and South Carolina.  

We discovered USA Energy Savers had an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I feel like we were completely scammed, and I feel so dumb for trying to do the right thing," Regina LeValley said. 

The LeValleys thought they made a good investment.  Like many others, they just wanted to save money on their electric bill. But, they say the panels are currently malfunctioning. 

"I would like for him to make good on his claims. Either come and take his equipment and dissolve my loans for this equipment...or fix it," LeValley added. 

We went through Duval County Court records and discovered Christopher Redman and USA Energy Savers are being evicted from a property on Baymeadows on Jacksonville's Southside.  That's not the same office listed for R Solar Group.  

According to the court documents, Redman has not paid rent at that office since June 1st and that equals to more than $32,000. 

There is a meeting of creditors happening Thursday, January 5th at 1pm. That's where the debtor is questioned under oath about assets and liabilities.  In some cases, creditors can also question the debtor on those subjects, too.

We have contacted the attorneys representing USA Energy Savers.  We have not heard back.  

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