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Ask Anthony: From flooding issues to shady contractors, Clay County residents voice their problems

During the month of November, First Coast News Anchor Anthony Austin is going from county to county to listen to your concerns.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Coffee and conversation in Clay County - First Coast News' Anthony Austin spoke with people in need of help at the Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe in Orange Park. 

"I have standing water constantly.  I get water moccasins like there's no tomorrow," Kim Wooten explained. 

Kim Wooten has unwanted lakefront property. She says when it rains, her yard fills up with water. Wooten blames the issue on the county digging deep ditches not too far from her property. 

"I've asked the county to please come and take a look at this and left numerous voicemails and not getting any response," Wooten said. 

Anthony spoke with Clay County leaders who said they were willing to help Wooten. They said it's a number of issues causing the flooding. After he spoke with them, they contacted Wooten to offer assistance. 

"My husband died in 2016 and I went to live with my son down in Jacksonville and one bathroom just wasn't enough," Gladys Moore said. 

Gladys Moore came to me with a folder of documents. She hired a contractor to build a second bathroom at her son's home. She gave the contractor more than $12,000 and she says he never completed the job. So, Anthony called him. 

He claims he finished the work, but then his story changed when Anthony told him he was with Ms. Moore.

"You did very little work. You kept promising you would have it done by Thanksgiving. Then Christmas.  Then Easter.  You kept promising and never came out to do any work," Moore told the contractor on the phone. 

After a few minutes, he said he would be willing to give Ms. Moore her money back.

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Annaliesa Groce has a problem that many have emailed me about. At the beginning of the pandemic, she suffered a stroke.

"So, I've been trying to get on social security since then and I've been denied..I think...seven times," Annaliesa Groce said. 

She says she had to learn how to walk again and the stroke has left her partially blind and unable to drive. 

"Now I have to depend on everybody for everything and it's really hard. I just need some help," Groce responded 

Anthony will be contacting the Social Security Administration with her story, and many others, in the coming months. 

If you want to talk to me Anthony in person, he will be at Grumpy's in St. Johns County next Tuesday, November 22nd from 10am until noon. 

Remember, if you have a problem you can't solve, you can always email Anthony  at AskAnthony@firstcoastnews.com. 

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