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Jacksonville amputee in need of wheelchair ramp for home

Jennifer Bresnahan contacted Anthony Austin for help with getting a wheelchair ramp for her house. She had her leg amputated after getting hit by a drunk driver.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jennifer Bresnahan loves spending time in her garden and watering her plants with her granddaughter.  

But getting from her front porch, down to her yard, has become an obstacle as she's in a wheelchair. 

"I spend 90 percent of my time inside and when it starts to get nice like it is now, it's driving me crazy," Jennifer Bresnahan said. "I want to come out and work on my garden. I keep my garden on my porch now just so I can have my flowers and stuff around me."

Bresnahan had her leg amputated about 18 years ago after being hit by drunk driver while riding a motorcycle. She says she's been using crutches for several years, but the pain is becoming unbearable. 

"I have no cartilage in my knee at all, so putting all my weight on it and especially going up and down the stairs is excruciating." 

Bresnahan says she's asked for help for years with a wheelchair ramp, even going through her insurance, but no one has stepped in to get it done. So, she contacted the "Ask Anthony" team for help. 

We made some phone calls and found an organization that is willing to build Bresnahan a ramp for her home. We're told a contractor will be calling her soon. We'll keep you updated as soon as that happens.  

Remember, if you have a problem you just can't solve, email AskAnthony@firstcoastnews.com

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