With only a few hours to spare, newlyweds Lorri and Jim Beary were forced to say "I do" in an unusual setting: The Jacksonville International Airport. Unexpected guest, Hurricane Michael was to blame.

"Its been a whirlwind romance and now a whirlwind has brought us here to do this in the airport, Jim Beary said.

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The love birds were all set to get married in Tallahassee on Wednesday and then drive to JIA to catch a flight for their honeymoon, but there was just one problem -- the Courthouses were all closed.

"He freaked out first and then I calmed him down, Lorri Beary told First Coast News. "When I heard the courthouse was closing yesterday I freaked out, he calmed me down, match made in heaven."

Fortunately, at the last minute they were able to find a wedding officiant in Jacksonville before hoping on a plane to Rome, Italy.

"On 10/10/10 he told me he loved me for the first time, on 10/10/15 he asked me to be his wife, so it had to be Wednesday 10/10," Lorri said.

Selecia Young-Jones served as the wedding officiant. She admits it was her first time marrying a couple at the airport and added that it’s was all a short labor of love.

"I know the stress she’s going through as a bride myself and so if there's anything a wedding officiant can do to allay fears calm everything down and get the wedding put together for them."

The couple is set to arrive in Rome Thursday morning for their week-long honeymoon.

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