A Houston couple is going out of their way -- almost a thousand miles out of their way -- to help pets orphaned by Harvey.

Danielle Betz, whose aunt runs a veterinary clinic in Kingsland, Georgia, recently drove all night with her fiance, Matthew Haug, to bring about 23 cats and dogs that were already in Houston-area shelters.

They say thousands of stranded pets are being found in greater Houston and even if their owners can be found, many of those owners have no place to live themselves.

“People aren't adopting dogs, so the dogs going into shelters aren't going to go anywhere if they don't get transported elsewhere, where they can be re-homed,” Betz said.

The couple moving the animals is heading back to Houston on Monday, and they might be doing at least one more round trip to Georgia.

Anyone interested in adopting an animal from the veterinary hospital can do so by visiting them at the address below:

Dr. Christy Betz Veterinary Services

400 East King Avenue

Kingsland, GA 31548