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First Coast school districts working to educate students on D-DAY

More school districts on the First Coast are joining in on the push to educate students on this vital moment in history.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — School districts in Glynn and Nassau counties are the latest districts to join in the effort to make certain students graduate with an appreciation for what our veterans did on D-DAY in June of 1944.

Already, Duval County has added the First Coast News special, "D-Day: Rendezvous With History" to its curriculum. Union and Clay counties are making plans to share the content with their students, as well.

FCN anchors Jeannie Blaylock and Lewis Turner went to Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of D-DAY, a day that changed the course of history. 

Viewers reached out to say they believed the stories from the FCN special are important for students to see. 

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In Glynn County, Kathy Pittman, director or social studies curriculum for schools, says it still "chokes me up" to see the white crosses in Normandy. Those crosses honor the more than 9,000 Americans who gave their lives to save freedom. Pittman is making sure the students at Brunswick High and other schools in Glynn County have the opportunity to learn more.

Other teachers passionate about the sacrifices our young soldiers made on D-DAY are creating plans to show the special and bring in veterans to meet the students.

At West Nassau High in Nassau County, Caleb Bryan, AP U.S. History teacher, says these days we tend to be "narcissistic," and that it is crucial to teach this current generation about the WWII soldiers and airmen, who gave up everything from their youth to their girlfriends to their school opportunities. 

In Duval County, head of the social studies curriculum, Philip Little, is already scheduling times for the FCN D-DAY special to be shown in school auditoriums with paratroopers and veterans joining in the event for students.

If you'd like to plan an event to teach about D-DAY, email Jeannie Blaylock at jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com.

You can watch the D-DAY special on our website, firstcoastnews.com