Back in the day, high school students learned things like how to cook and sew in Home Economics and how to fix cars in shop class, but high school students these days are learning how to build limbs using 3D technology.

It’s happening at the University of North Florida's Hacking Medicine STEM Camp.

The high school students are doing all the construction and wiring of prosthetic-like hands with the aid of UNF’s engineering students and will print out their models using UNF's 3D printers. Their ultimate goal is to build a 3D-printed prosthetic leg for a man right here in our community. 

Betina Malhotra, associate director for community and curriculum for NEFSTEM at UNF's education department, says learning this technology is going to change the future of prosthesis forever.

"Prosthetics are very, very expensive," Malhotra said. "You can print one on a computer for under $100 in less than eight hours."

Malhotra says typical prosthesis can cost thousands of dollars and take months to make.

Malhotra says this camp was made possible by funding support from full-time partner STEM2 Hub and technical support from the Microsoft Hacking STEM staff.