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Yulee parents set up universal lunch fund so no student in Nassau County goes hungry

“We want students to be able to come to school everyday and eat a full lunch and not worry about if they have money in their account.”

A group of parents in Yulee have put their heads together to come up with a plan to make sure no student in Nassau County will ever go hungry in the classroom. 

They're creating a universal lunch money account for students to use if they need extra money to purchase food.

“We want students to be able to come to school every day and eat a full lunch and not worry about if they have money in their account,” says Meagan Bingham, one of the parents spearheading the fund.

She says her kids are left hungry after lunchtime, that the food is, not enough to me and to a lot of the parents for what they’re getting.”

Thanks to the parents, grumbling stomachs can rest assured they will be able to afford enough food to get them through the school day, and as Bingham adds, "making sure they have a full stomach to learn and grow.”

Hungry students can dip into the account if they are short on money, "to give them a little bit extra to fill their stomachs up so that they’re not getting hungry by the end of the school day," Bingham says.

The money will come from fundraisers and donations, in addition to the sales of t-shirts and decals.  

A Facebook page has already been set up, and, "once the bank account’s set up we will add a donation button to the page and you can go there to donate,” Bingham says.

The Nassau County community has already come together to start getting accounts up and running.

“Our community is so small in Nassau County but we always come together to make things happen and it’s just been a blessing,” Bingham says.

As it continues to set up the accounts, the group just applied for approval to become a non-profit.

Parents hope students can take advantage of the lunch account in the next two weeks and get the brain food they need to succeed in school.