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No excuses! Local fitness centers beat coronavirus through live video classes

"We're almost like we're still there, we're still doing it," said fitness center member Kim Radcliffe.

We make up all kinds of excuses to not work out and right now the pandemic might be yours. 

But even with gyms closed you can still get your work out in. Some local businesses are making it easy by bringing the workout to you through videos and Facebook Live fitness classes.

"When you feel like giving up you have to tell yourself 'no'," said Cat Cornish to her Facebook Live audience while instructing a kickboxing class at ILoveKickboxing (ILK) in Mandarin, where she's the franchise manager.

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"We're almost like we're still there, we're still doing it," said Kim Radcliffe, a member. "We're all finding ways to adapt our homes or environments to do the kickboxing or doing it live."

The ILK studio stayed open until the governor ordered fitness centers to close to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now they, like many other businesses, are forced entirely online.

"Connecting with them through Facebook messenger, through Instagram, through phone calls," Cornish said. "We're doing live cooking videos, we're posting meals, we're having them post meals. It's holding everyone accountable."

Their online community for members was already built up, but now it's what people depend on to not let the pandemic stop them from their fitness goals. 

"Without that online community or the groups that they're doing, I would be at a loss because it's really hard to not have that face-to-face," said Radcliffe.

"They messaged us and were just like, 'uh you know I don't know if I still wanna do the challenge right now,'" Cornish said. "And we're like, 'no you've gotta do it, you've gotta stay strong because if you get set back it's gonna be harder to start again." 

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The studio rented out punching bags for at-home use and every day "sweaty selfies", posted pictures of wrist-worn devices' counted steps as well as videos to encourage their community to stay on track.

"We're not just here for the workout," said Cornish. "We're here to support you outside of the studio."

"Kind of kicking it to coronavirus, right?" said Radcliffe. "Instead of getting sick and trying to avoid getting sick you could actually get healthier."

Cornish advises you to schedule a time to work out so you know you'll do it and have healthy snacks available for when you're working from home.

"You're doing this for a reason, you're doing this for your goals!" Cornish told her Facebook Live class.

If becoming a fitness center member isn't an option for you, you can schedule a time to be with your friends to work out with videos online and create a similar online group for posting your progress.

Radcliffe is also a member of several similar running groups, which also encourage her. She recommends running as a way to relieve stress and stay healthy.