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Man Alive: 3 easy tips to losing weight

If you are hoping to shed a few pounds before summer, personal trainer Colin Woodmansee has some tips that could help you.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you're fighting the battle of the bulge right now and want to get rid of that beer belly, we spoke with gym owner and personal trainer Colin Woodmansee with Training for Warriors Julington Creek.  

Here's his three tips for losing weight:

  1. To break this down to its most simplistic form, in order to lose weight, you must consume less calories than you burn. So, a calorie deficit is required.
  2. Start with the easy stuff. Being too restrictive or taking on some sort of 10 day detox will only leave you feeling tired and frustrated.  Losing weight the wrong way tends to lead to long term weight gain.
  3. Stay active!  Pairing a great nutrition plan with a great training routine will lead to the best results and NOT just ‘cardio’! Don’t forget strength training can be even more efficient when it comes to burning stubborn fat and getting lean.