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'It's horrible:' Jacksonville military mom battles landlord over mold infestation

An expert says the air samples inside the home were ten times worse than average.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A battle over mold may be headed to the courtroom.

Crystal Kincade had to throw away $38,000 worth of belongings destroyed by mold. As bad as that is, her biggest concern is her health and the health of her children.

"It was a good for my kids' school district," said Kincade. "Good floor plan, lay out."

When Kincade first started renting her home off Kernan Boulevard in 2015, it felt like a good fit.

However, over the past few years, the problems keep mounting.

"The water heater caught on fire," said Kincade. "My main bathroom had a slab leak. I noticed an issue with the kitchen floor. It was almost as if you were walking on it, it felt like water was coming up."

Kincade says she battled through those issues, including cutting her feet on the chipping kitchen, with little help from her landlord.

"The first thing they go to is that my rent needs to go up, and that I need to pay them more money to fix this," said Kincade.

Now, her biggest issue is mold.

She's served 20 years in the Air Force, but had to go on convalescent leave in October after developing blisters across her body and respiratory issues.

"All the same symptoms as someone who's been exposed to black mold," said Kincade.

She called in Mark Mongon, an environmental specialist with TCB Envirocorp.

"I've been doing this 35 years," said Mongon. "I've seen the nastiest of the nasty. This was probably one of the worst houses I've ever seen."

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He says due to a burst water heater, A/C leak and roof leak, mold had built up in every room of the house.

"The air samples were ten times higher than normal," said Mongon.

First Coast News reached out to Kincade's landlord, who wasn't willing to share her perspective.

Her landlord's attorney said he couldn't comment because the issue will likely have to go before a judge.

Kincade says any time she applies to rent a new place, her landlord refuses to verify her renter's history, so she gets passed up.

Now that she has the inspection and a lawyer, she's hoping to finally close this chapter of her life.

"That I find a place, and I can move in there in peace, and have my kids and my health gets better and never have to deal with these people ever again," said Kincade.

Kincade's attorney says they'll be suing to cover her medical bills.

Whether they sue first or her landlord sues her first, the fur is about to fly.

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