JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are on the rise. Your first instinct, especially in the south, might be to grab that nice cold glass of sweet tea. But, that could cause you to be more prone to kidney stones.

Jacksonville, and the First Coast, is located in what's called the Kidney Stone Belt. It's the part of the country that's most prone to kidney stones.

Most of our foods are higher in salt, which can cause the urine to become concentrated, and then stones form. They're very painful and you have to wait for them to pass through urination.

"The pain you get from a kidney stone is usually located in the abdomen. But as it courses down the urinal, or the tube to the bladder, people tend to feel the radiation to the groin. Or, having to urinate more frequently. They may see blood in their urine and the pain may come in waves," said Dr. Ivan Porter, Mayo Clinic nephrologist.

If the pain can't be controlled, you should go see your doctor. Drinking lots of water will help prevent them. Other beverages like lemonade, limeade, or cranberry juice will lessen the likelihood of getting a kidney stone.