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Flagler County offers mobile COVID-19 program to help the homebound

So far, Flagler County Emergency Management has given 120 vaccines to those who can't leave their homes.

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. — Like so many healthcare workers, Caryn Prather is offering a dose of hope in the fight against COVID-19.

The Flagler County paramedic is spending her time making sure those who need or want the vaccine are able to get it.  “Gives us that sense of we have done something good today,” she told First Coast News.

The county recently began the mobile program for the homebound and older population. Prather says the county worked off its emergency disaster list of contacts and branched out from there.

Aside from giving the vaccine, she says it’s also a morale booster for those who may not have had much interaction with others for months.

“I feel like this program with giving vaccines, people get the fact that people out there want to do good things and want to help them out and that in turn makes them happier,” Prather explained.

It is a full-time job for Prather and the two others on her team. They are on the road five days a week raising spirits and there’s no letting up.

“As we think our list gets smaller, more and more people keep calling in,” she said.

So far, 120 vaccines have been given to those who can’t leave their homes.

Prather has also administered the dose to their caregivers and spends one day a week offering it to county employees.

If you would like to get on the list, Flagler County residents can call the emergency management office at (386) 313-4200.