JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sometimes a little help from mother nature can be a big benefit to patients fighting breast cancer.

The Men's Garden Club of Jacksonville is helping out radiation patients by offering them a free Aloe Vera plant.

The Aloe Vera Project is aimed at helping to sooth some of the pains that radiation can cause on a cancer patient, which according to cancercenter.com, is pretty common. The irritation can span from a small rash to serious blisters.

Donn Elliott, Program Chairman for the Men's Garden Club says he can remember one patient who called him in tears saying that she had started her treatment on a Thursday and was suffering burns the next day.

"She slept on ice," Elliott said, "and we got her a plant in an hour and a half. She called us and said, 'the fire is out, it does not hurt.'"

So far the Men's Garden Club has helped more than 900 breast cancer patients and they are looking to increase that staggering number. Sure, these plants won't be winning any beauty contests, but the relief they can give someone with radiation-burned skin can be life changing.

The club will have nine distribution points in Duval and two in Nassau. The plants will be free of charge, a patient only needs the permission of their medical team. The club's brochure states that they cannot do much about cancer, but they can certainly do something about a patient's pain.

For more information please call 904-635-7318.