Janice Cobb began running the Donna Marathon when a friend, whose daughter was battling breast cancer, asked her to get involved.

Now she has 11 reasons to run.

Cobb is about to run her eight Donna Marathon.

"Just to be able to finish it, it was a great thing," Cobb said. "It won't kill you, it will make you stronger."

Her colleague at AXA Advisors, Matt Foxhall, is running his first Donna Marathon.

“Great way for us to get out there, train together and hit personal fitness goals. And probably most importantly our collective effort and the ability to impact our fight against breast cancer," said Foxhall.

AXA Advisors are a sponsor of the Donna Marathon. Foxhall moved from Texas and instantly wanted to get involved with the marathon and its amazing cause through his job.

“It’s our way to give back in the fight. And I feel like this is the organization to partner with,” he said.

Cobb has been involved with the Donna since 2006. She ran because a friend's daughter was battling breast cancer.

“[She] came to me and said ‘Hey Janice, how do you feel about getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning on Saturdays and training for a marathon.’ And I thought 'Man, that just sounds great!'” Cobb said.

But then cancer impacted her life more closely.

“Fast forward October 2009, my best friend had a biopsy and she called me and she said ‘Janice, it is cancer,’” she said.

The lists of reasons to run, people impacted by this disease, has grown to 11 for Janice.

“This is a very emotional run for me," she said. “She’s my gym partner, I spent many days laughing with her, never thought this would happen to her. So this year, 2018, is Sandy Bunkley.”

Cobb said the crowd makes all the difference while you're running.

“They offer you so much encouragement. You see the survivors running, and their bald heads, that keeps you going,” Cobb said. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to Jacksonville.”