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Your COVID-19 questions answered

National expert answers questions from people concerned about the coronavirus.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Can you get the virus through your eyes? 

What's the biggest thing to remember if you go to a salon now? 

What should you order and what should you avoid for take-out food during the pandemic? 

Is it safe to eat out inside a restaurant now? 

If you put frozen food in the freezer, will the virus survive if it's on the packages?

These questions and more come from many of you. We took them straight to Dr Payal Kohli, trained at MIT and Harvard, a cardiologist and expert on disease prevention.

Watch below for the raw video of Kohli's answers, and share your questions with us on the Facts Not Fear Facebook Group.

Valerie asks: "What about serology antibodies tests?"

Kohli says, "In order to know whether I have the infection, we really need those active infection tests like nasal swabs, and now we're hearing about saliva tests as well. And those are the ones that need to be ramped up to know, do I have the infection today. And you can imagine down the line, if we had as many tests as we could want, somebody could be standing in line at the grocery store, spit into a cup, get their saliva checked, and really know whether they're infectious before going into the grocery store that day."

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