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What new parents need to know about the stimulus checks

Americans with children can expect to get additional money.

ATLANTA — Americans will be entitled to getting a check soon from the government. President Trump signed it into law the coronavirus stimulus emergency relief bill last week.  It ranges a bit, but the standard relief payment will be $1,200. Additional money goes to those with children, and less if you make more than $75,000.

To get the money you are entitled to, most Americans won't need to take any action. The IRS is handling the distribution of checks.But what about new parents? 

One viewer asked 11Alive, what happens if you had a baby in 2019 but have only most recently filed taxes for 2018? Or what if the child was born in 2020?

11Alive talked to Steve Balsam, a professor at Temple University, to find out. 

"Based on my understanding, when you file your tax return in 2021 for the year 2020, you will be able to get that $500," he said.

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"Basically, taxpayers are going to reconcile on their 2020 tax returns their rebate payments for this year, their stimulus payments for this year," Balsam explained.

"If they got too much they'd have to pay it back potentially," he said. "And if they got too little because they had a child born in 2019 if they didn't file for their return yet, they would get more at that point and time," he said. 

For anyone who hasn't filed taxes recently, the payment could be delayed, but everyone is still entitled to their cut.  Click here to find out how to make sure you get your coronavirus stimulus check.


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