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Patients show enthusiasm for Gateway vaccination site in comments from survey

“Very thankful for the Navy running this site. What an incredible group. Proud to be served by them.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Gateway Norwood Jacksonville Community Vaccination Center released some of the comments they received from patients who received their vaccines.

After patients receive their vaccine at the site, they stay in a waiting area for observation in case there are any adverse side effects from the vaccine. While in the waiting area, patients may take an electronic survey to talk about their experience.

Many of the compliments went to towards the staff, who some of the comments describe as both experienced and even funny. Many others also thanked them for their service in uniform.

“We appreciate the comments offered by our patients,” said Incident Commander Ron Beesley. “The Gateway Community Vaccination Center is a federally-supported, state-run site where our number one priority is to ensure that every Floridian who meets the eligibility requirements determined by the state can receive a vaccine for COVID-19.”

Here are some of the comments from March 17 released by Gateway Norwood:

  • “I came with apprehension but was quickly processed and treated very kindly.”
  • “There were some technical difficulties getting me registered, but the actual vaccine was quick and painless. And the guy who gave me the shot was hilarious.”
  • “I loved, loved, loved seeing our men and women in uniform and having Miss Viva administer my vaccine.”
  • “Very thankful for the Navy running this site. What an incredible group. Proud to be served by them.”
  • “The site was excellent! It was clean, fast, efficient and more than I expected. I will refer everyone to this site. I was very impressed! Thank you to everyone that assisted with this site!!!”
  • “Great staff, good organizing and in and out in 25 minutes. Thank you.”
  • “Experience was better than expected. Walked in with no waiting.”
  • “Thank you, FEMA and the US Navy, for doing an excellent job. You are much appreciated.”

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